Q&A: Aubrey Ingham, Cool Sports' Organizer of the Score a Goal For Kids Tournament

Turf sports director at Cool Sports on Watt Road, Aubrey Ingham organized its first Score a Goal For Kids tournament Dec. 22, to benefit East Tennessee Children's Hospital. They are still accepting individual and team entries.

How did this come about?

Knoxville is a soccer town; there are plenty of opportunities to play anywhere you look. We thought we'd do a tournament that was about more than just soccer, a chance to come and play and still give back. We picked Children's Hospital to benefit because one of Cool Sports' figure skaters got rather sick several years ago—she was connected to Children's and we had a little exposure to them that way, so that's who we decided to go with.

It's all indoors?


Does that slow down or speed up the action?

It's faster, and unlike outdoor soccer the ball can't go out of bounds. We have arena boards around the field, and the true meaning of indoor soccer is that the ball always stays in play.

Is it easier to get kicked in the teeth playing indoors?

No. There's definitely more contact, more incidental bumping since you're closer to each other, but it's no more dangerous than being outside.

Is it harder to be the keeper indoors?

Yes, it requires more athleticism and agility. When a player shoots, even if they miss it doesn't go out of bounds, it goes off the wall and right back in play. Of course the goal is smaller.

Is it harder to ref indoors?

Yes and no. It's harder because things happen quicker but it's easier because you're much closer to the action.

What ages will be in the tournament?

U9 all the way through adult. Here at Cool Sports, the U9-U10 divisions are co-ed, then the older kids are single gender. And the adults play co-ed except for our one men's league.

Do you play?

For the tournament, I'll kind of be director, and helping out as a ref if needed. Some of my teams will be in it hopefully. In general, I do have two teams at Cool Sports I'm in charge of and I play for them on a regular basis.

What's your position?

I play goalie or in the midfield.

Are you fast?

I would not claim to be fast, no.

How long have you played soccer?

Since I was 4. I've been in charge of soccer at Cool Sports the past three years.

Do you have any college soccer experience?

I actually don't. I played through high school at Gallatin High School, but then I played football in college, at Carson Newman—I was the kicker.

Have you scored a lot of goals?

Yeah, I'd say so. Indoors scores are pretty high, and the good players score the most. The scores could be 8-11, 6-9, like that.

Have you ever pulled off a really cool move at Cool Sports?

I'd say I did with one or two bicycle kicks; though they may not be the safest thing to try, I have done it.

For more information or to register: coolsportstn.com