Q & A with the editorâ's Magic 8 Ball

Street Talk

So, how does this week's issue look? Nice cover story, eh?

My sources say no.

Wait, you're only on page 12. You haven't even made it to the cover story yet.

Cannot predict now.

How about News of the Weird? Everybody likes News of the Weird.

Ask again later.

Fine, be a Debbie Downer. See if we care.

As I see it, yes.

Watch it, buddy. Hey, where's the slacker intern who forgot to do Streettalk this week?

Outlook not so good.

No kidding! When she shows up at the editorial meeting tomorrow, we're going to give herâ

Don't count on it.

What'd you say?

Better not tell you now.

Shut up.

Most likely.


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