Pop Artist

Recurring star of Mito comic in Metro Pulse

Is your relationship with the artist who draws you collaborative, or have you been known to dictate your dialogue?

My words come from my soul. All the artist does is never show you the cool stuff in my life, like all the cool dates I go on, or the neat hangouts I go to. I actually live in a huge mansion, but he's not gonna show any of that to you.

Has he ever just gotten out his eraser and threatened you? How does that feel?

I do not believe in Eraser, so I do not fear it. That girl that sits beside me talks about it all the time, though. But as far as I'm concerned, let it all end.

What's the real relationship between you and your co-star? Why's her back always turned to you?

She and I share studio space, and that is it. Believe me, if I could get rid of her, I would, but her .eps files are already there so creating a new co-star would just take more time. I make her turn around so I don't have to think about her while I'm creating my master artwork. She will steal someone's ideas quicker than you can ask me another question.

Which one of you is facing the TV?

She just stole another idea! But I am the one who always watches the TV. It's always off screen though, because of the embarrassing programs I watch. But the thing is, I work by just taking what Tyra says and I turn it into a beautiful piece of art that I can sell for hundreds.

What's the funniest thing—OK, a funny thing—that's happened while the strip was being created? Or is it all deadly serious?

When people hate me, I take it as vindication I should already be dead. And boy, people hate me and they want me to know it.

Do people constantly remark on the uncanny resemblance between you and Tommy Timbertoes of Highlights fame?

Only just now. But I'm rounder, messier, and appear weekly instead of monthly. Tommy is a strange guy. That family is not at all what it seems.