Phil Pollard

Soon-to-be-departing local musician

Street Talk

Why are you leaving Knoxville?   

My wife has been looking forward to working at a Waldorf school for years, and we've both wanted our daughters to attend one. Richmond has a fine Waldorf school, and it's not so very far away from Knoxville.

What's your favorite instrument to play?

The vibraphone.

How'd you come up with the idea of reciting letters and poetry during songs?

I listened to a song I had recorded, and kept hearing the Gettysburg Address being recited over it.

So you're also an English-lit professor. If you read during songs, do you ever sing during a class?

Yes, I sing during class.

Besides being a band of humans, is there a reason that the band is called Band of Humans?

I made a recording called Humans a while back, so when I started performing some of the songs from it, it seemed right to call the group Band of Humans. I added Phil Pollard to the front because there are probably other Band of Humanses other places.

What will you miss most about Knoxville?

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