Megan McLemore, ice maker and Zamboni driver, Knoxville's Holidays On Ice on Market Square

How long does it take the ice to freeze?

It depends on the weather and the thickness of the layer, but usually about 30 minutes to an hour.

How thick is a layer?

About an 1/8 of an inch. To lay the ice, you get a pool of water about five feet from the rink board and push it in the direction of the wall. Then you let it bounce off the wall, and that makes an even layer because water is self-leveling.

More than one layer?

Before we open, we will put on 20 layers. After we open, we may do a layer every three or four days.

How does it stay frozen?

We pump glycol, which is like anti-freeze, out of our chiller units, which are set to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and through a system of pipes in the ice that keep it frozen and freeze the water that we put on top.

How'd you learn to do this?

This is my third year now, and I learned from the company that we rent the rink from, Ice Rink Events. Driving the Zamboni was learn-as-you-go; two years ago I was thrown on and learned that way.

Do people beg you to let them ride?

Yes. And sometimes we let them, like if it's your birthday. Once this guy called and his girlfriend rode on the Zamboni. When the ice was cleared, he got on the ice on one knee and proposed.

Where do you work the rest of the year?

I work for Center City Events, which is a non-profit organization started by Larsen Jay of DoubleJay Creative, year round. We produce the Daddy Daughter dance in February, and have more events still on the drawing board.

The rink opens Nov. 27. For more information: