Maguire James, Title Actor in Tom Sawyer, Age 12

How many lines did you have to memorize to play Tom?

I counted them, 215.

Wow, how did you do that?

I normally read over the script, and then while we're practicing I remember what we're practicing that day and then I move on to the next scene.

Does anyone work with you to memorize?

Mostly it's by myself.

You're home schooled—does this count as schoolwork?

Yes, it does.

What subject?

I would think it would go under reading.

Are you the youngest?

No, the actor who plays Becky is the youngest. On other shows, like Willy Wonka [James played Charlie Bucket], normally I am.

Do you and the lady who plays Aunt Polly get along offstage?

Yes. Even though we're all different ages, we're all friends.

Are you going to use real paint for that painting the fence scene?

We haven't really figured that out yet, but probably we'll have some sort of device where it will look unpainted one minute and then I'll flip it over and it will look painted.

Any one else in the family act?

Not at the theater. They act at home, always playing jokes and stuff like that.

What's your favorite scene?

Probably when I'm showing off in front of Becky, "Can you do this?" and I jump off the stage and do a bell hop. Crash!

Do you get hurt for real?

Surprisingly, no.

Would you like to stick with acting?

Yes, I'd like to maybe go on a TV show and then maybe onto movies.

Any show that's out now you'd like to act in?

I really don't know, because I don't have a television.

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