Lunch-Hour Book Readers

What are you reading?

Katie Mathews, intern, City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation

Howard H. Baker Jr. Federal Courthouse courtyard
All He Ever Wanted (2004) by Anita Shreve
I'm a grad student at UT studying Public Administration, and I read a lot of non-fiction for school. Because I don't watch TV, I tend to read the more girly books for enjoyment, particularly the ones set in olden times. I never buy books at full price. I saw the new Emily Giffin book that I want at Target for $24. I'll definitely wait for it to show up at McKay—much cheaper.

Margaret Massengil, forensic scientist

Lawson McGhee courtyard
Forensic magazine
I'm reading this for work, but for fun I read just about every type of book. Crime novels, tasteful romance novels—like Nora Roberts—and the lady who does those A-Z books. Oh yeah, Sue Grafton. I'll read Dean Koontz as long as he doesn't get too supernatural, and I read lots of Christian authors and child-rearing, "help your child" type books.

Molly Aiken, summertime law firm employee

Krutch Park
The Brethren (2000) by John Grisham
I'm almost done with the book, and have been reading it for about a week. It's pretty good. I usually read a lot of French history books because I had a French minor at school (Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C.). In the fall, I'll be a grad student at UT in Secondary Science Education. I read a lot of books about the revolutionary period in France—Marie Antoinette, Louis XIV, and Robespierre.

Debbie Mikels, Image Point employee

Krutch Park
The Source of My Strength (1994) by Charles Stanley
I've been reading it for about two weeks, right now while I'm waiting to meet a friend. I read a lot of Christian-related books. Source of My Strength is written by a pastor to help with day-to-day life. It's uplifting and challenging. I also read a lot of world history books... how far removed we are.