Lindsey Teague, Assistant instructor, Montgomery Village Photography Workshop

What did you do to aid the kids-with-cameras cause?

I helped the instructor, Tinah Utsman, by organizing events at the Knoxville Zoo, the Knoxville Botanical Gardens, the World's Fair Park, Bloomsday at the UT Gardens, and the Farmer's Market—we had about seven kids on average. Then I worked with Tinah and Calvin Carson from Montgomery Village to supervise and teach photography at the events, and organized and printed the photos. I don't know how she did it by herself last year; we only did events for two hours and there were three of us, but when we finished I would want to go straight to bed.

Anything funny ever happen?

Mostly it was funny how much they liked us, because you don't feel as cool as kids think you are. They wanted to ride with us in our cars and hold our hands the whole time. They had a lot of love to give and it was really cute. I think just being able to get out of the projects for a while... you could tell how grateful they were. They had no idea these places were here and free and open for everyone to go to all the time.

Will this experience help you find a job?

I graduated in August with a graphic design degree, and this really broadened my photography skills. I'm available for hire right now!

Some Metro Pulse readers donated cameras after we covered last year's project. Did the kids enjoy them?

They loved the cameras. I was surprised given how young the kids were how many features they mastered. I heard last year, with the different cameras, whoever got the biggest got the best shots. This year it was a lot more fair.

Reception and viewing of photos, Sept. 24, 5 p.m.-9 p.m. A1 Art Space (201 Randolf St.) near the Old City. For more info: