Lindsay Beeson: Inventor of the Knoxville Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie

How do people react when they hear Bacon Chocolate Chip?

Almost everyone gets a look on their face that is either pure disgust or disgust mixed with curiosity. There have been a very few who are bacon fiends, so they get excited, but for the most part it's, "What?"

How do you get anyone to eat one?

Out of curiosity, and I will put samples out. Very few people say no to free samples.

How'd you come up with BCCs?

I keep up with dozens of food blogs and bacon, of course, has really been making the rounds in all number of recipes. I did spot one bacon/chocolate chip cookie that I just kind of set aside. When I got around to it, I adjusted the recipe. The original had food-processed the bacon so it was little tiny bits throughout the cookie. My thing was if I'm gonna put bacon in a cookie, I'm gonna put bacon in a cookie. So I cut the bacon in nickel-size pieces and put it on top—it's a really nice hit of salty.

If a person did take a craving for a BCC...

You can buy them at Old City Java occasionally, or at Coffee and Chocolate, at Moondollars Cafe in Oak Ridge, and at the Market Square Farmers Market. I'm happy to do special orders, too.

You work as the Plum Baker, but you're also a Metro Pulse designer. Does that help or hurt cookie sales?

I don't mention BCC cookies in the same breath as Metro Pulse. I don't want to take advantage.

Do your co-workers like the cookies?

We do have some cynics. There might be a few more here that say, "I don't know about this," but some express pleasant surprise.

Are the extra cynics among the...?

Editors? Yep. As they should be.