Levi Graziano: Creator and Distributor of Horse Hooch

Horse Hooch? It's composted horse manure in water.

Horse Hooch—what is it?

Just something I ran across on the Internet about 10 years ago. People have been doing it a really, really long time.


Composted horse manure in water.

How long does it take to make a batch?

I don't use any kind of heat source, I just use the sun—it's kind of brewed by the sun. It usually takes about five days. And the manure. I go by what it looks like, not the time, but I think it takes about four months to compost in the summer heat, in winter probably longer.

A person couldn't just make their own with fresh manure?

That might not be a very good idea; it could burn your plants.

Do people ever think it's alcohol?

I get that sometimes. I didn't know what hooch was until my mom told me.

When you say you started 10 years ago, um, how old were you?

I was 13. I was trying to make my tomato plants grow better.

But you didn't start selling right away?

That was just last year. I saw a guy on TV who had worm castings in milk jugs; he made new labels. I haven't seen it sold anywhere, but apparently he's a millionaire somewhere in the Northeast now.

Did you say worm castings?

That's just a fancy name for worm poop. I think that's what his stuff is called, Worm Poop.

And you say it's environmentally friendly?

Yes sirree. It's taking natural plant matter that horses have eaten and using it to grow new plants. I also use recycled two-liter bottles. And I'm now trying to get a hold of someone at the zoo to get elephant manure for another product I want to do.

Elephant Hooch?

Elephant Juice.

For more info about buying Horse Hooch at local farmer's markets and small-retail distributors: Levigraz(at)yahoo(dot)com