Leigh Ann Jernigan, Third Prize Big Picture with Haiku Caption Winner, Big Ears Festival 2010

What inspired you to enter the contest?

Probably how giddy I was after Big Ears. It was most awesome. Highlights for me were seeing Joanna Newsom, Dirty Projectors, and the National live, and being introduced to some new artists like DJ /rupture. The only sad thing was I couldn't see every show! My husband and I had taken pictures and posted them on Facebook and gotten a lot of positive feedback. Then I saw the contest on Facebook as well and posted three entries.

Did you have to research the rules of haiku for the caption, or did you already know?

No, I have been writing haiku with a friend as a joke for years. He's a friend that we camp and hike a lot with; we will make up haikus for fun when we're out in nature.

Did you like any of the other entrants' haiku?

My personal favorite was about Joanna Newsom's drummer's tie.

Is it okay for us to repeat your haiku here?

Oh, yes:

rupture enrapture

me ears grow bigger each show

festival bliss found

How'd you select that particular photo?

I thought it was really super cool. My photo is of DJ /rupture, and there is of course a connection between a rupture and Big Ears. I don't know if my haiku spoke to the judges because it leads off with "rupture" and "rapture," but the first line is a hint in itself to an eardrum.

You won 10 Regal movie passes—what are you going to do with them?

I'm thinking I'm just going to take all my friends to the movies.

To see Jernigan's photo and other Big Picture/haiku caption winners: bigearsfestival.com