Lauren Ray Wagner, Featured Metro Pulse Artist, Oct. 8 -- Nov. 5 Issues

You've done some media illustrations and corporate identity work. Is it more fun to start with your own idea?

Right now I'm enjoying having an assignment and being able to wrap my head around an assignment that someone else initiates. I'm trying to generate my own ideas as well, my own problems to solve.

Can you give an example?

Right now I'm at Penland School of Craft near Asheville, N.C., assisting with a letterpress class. I'm working here on a couple of things where I'm wanting to take stills of Alfred Hitchcock movies and I'm trying to apply a mid-century children's illustration look to them. It's a minimal look.

What's your favorite medium to work in?

Hmmm. That's a tough one. As of right now, I'm really enjoying print-making and not being on the computer. I'm trying to work a lot more tactile materials into my work. Most of my "real life" design work I do for revenue is all done on the computer, so I'm trying to find a good balance.

When did you first realize you had more artistic ability than most?

Pretty early. I knew when teachers were asking me to draw things on the board for them. Art has always been something that I love. It hasn't always come easy, but it's always something that's been natural and that I keep going back to.

Do you have a favorite among the pieces Metro Pulse will run?

I like the hair one. It's always kind of funny to me—the ones in this series, with the written paragraphs, they say a lot about what I know about my family. I keep going back and forth on these paintings. The ones with the paragraphs almost feel like they reveal too much and I kind of worry about that.

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