Katie Van Dyke is Knoxville's Coupon Queen

You publicize great deals and coupons in our area. Does the site turn a profit?

There is a hope that one day there will be a profit, but there isn't right now. It was my husband's idea, really—he kept wanting me to start a website chronicling our savings, and I kept saying, "No, I don't know how." Then he came home one day and said, "Look, honey, here's your website!"

How long since he said that?

Really Coupon Katie has just been going since March.

What do you consider your biggest "score" in getting great deals?

You mean my best trip? I think what really impressed my husband was the day I went to Walgreens and used zero dollars—zero cash out of pocket—and went away with $90 worth of stuff.

Was it all cough drops?

I remember air fresheners, cereal, toothbrushes, toothpaste. It was pretty crazy.

Where do you get your information?

Some of the deals are just out there on the manufacturer's website or business websites. A lot of them, now that I've started the website, will just e-mail me stuff, which is fabulous—so-and-so has half-off this week—so it's starting to get easier. But I sit down with those ad previews you can find online and match them up with coupons. I put those deals together myself, and it actually takes a couple of hours.

How much do you save a week?

$50-$75. The biggest part of that is toiletries or cleaning supplies. I probably have not paid for toilet paper since we started the website.

You're a stay-at-home mom now?

Yes, I have two sons who are 1 and 3.

Do you have any particular training for this?

Actually, my undergraduate degree is in biology and my grad degree is in public health. My last job, I taught cell and molecular biology.

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