Kate Dansereau, Age 8, Locks of Love Hair Donor

So how long does your hair need to be to donate it to Locks of Love?

It has to be 10 inches.

How long did it take to grow yours that long?

Probably I'm guessing about two years.

After the cut, how does your hair get to Locks of Love?

I got my cut at Vibe, from Liana [Jones]. Then they mail it in. [People can also mail hair on their own, following Locks of Love guidelines].

What will Locks of Love do with it?

They're probably going to use it for a child who doesn't have any hair, who has cancer. They'll give it to someone.

Will they make it into a wig first?

Yes, definitely.

How did you get the idea to donate?

One of my friends got their hair cut for Locks of Love. A school friend.

Is your hair a buzz cut now?

It's about chin length.

Does it feel weird to have it so short?

Well, I've had it short once in kindergarten so I'm a little bit used to it.

Not everyone who saw your friend's hair got theirs cut, too. Why did you?

I just wanted to do it, because my hair was getting sort of hot on my head, and I thought it would be a good gift. It felt really nice to do it.

What would be your advice for others considering donating their hair?

I would tell them it's really nice to get your hair cut for someone who doesn't have any. I'm thinking about doing it again myself.

The Locks of Love mission is to return a sense of self, confidence, and normalcy to financially disadvantaged children suffering from hair loss. For more information:locksoflove.org or toll-free 888-896-1588.