Josh Nelson, Owner of Campus Tickets

Owner of Campus Tickets on the Cumberland Ave. Strip

You sell season tickets and individual game tickets. Are people waiting to commit to season tickets?

No, they're both about the same. I'm selling a pretty good amount of both.

Which games are going to sell best?

I'd say Western Kentucky and UCLA.

What would be the worst game for the Vols to lose in terms of future ticket sales?

Probably Western Kentucky. They're just a little team, and I don't see any problem why we couldn't beat ‘em.

How'd you end up in this business?

I kind of married into it, my father-in-law got me started.

Are you a Vol fan yourself?

Oh yes.

You attend home games?

Every time.

Does that mean someone else has to manage the game-day parking for Campus Tickets?

I do that as well. Then I leave for the game.

Will you sell more parking with the new coach?

I don't think so. I'll just see more customers for the same spaces. I already sell out.

Have you met Lane Kiffin?

I met him at a bank when he first started. I mean I just passed him, walking in the bank. I knew it was him, and I kept on walking.

Do you know any of the players?

Not right off.

What's your prediction for the season?

They're gonna do awesome. They've got the best people, the right talent behind them. I don't see why they couldn't do really well.

You're not just saying that to increase sales? You really like their chances?