Josh Boyer

First Tee golf instructor Wee Course at Williams Creek

How come the course is par 3 on every hole?

It's financed by the First Tee program; which is a nationwide non-profit aimed towards teaching kids how to play golf and life lessons through golf. A 7-8 year old out on a longer hole, it's just going to be too much for them.

How many play in First Tee?

About 20 come to the after school program on a regular basis, and 20-30 are in the summer program. Then we do some clinics in the summer, one day a week, and 20-30 kids usually come to them. Lots and lots of kids, I'd say.

Is it harder to teach kids than adults?

I wouldn't say harder, just a lot different, You have to tone down the vocabulary a little and work in shorter sessions—their attention span is not as up to par as an adult's. But they're also more receptive to learning, and haven't started any bad habits from another sport, like baseball.

What's the youngest children you teach?

Probably 7 or 8. During the school year we have a bus pick kids up from Sarah Moore Green and Green Magnet along with Vine Middle School.

Have you ever taught a kid who got good really fast?

It's just the same as adults. Some people are a little more natural, and pick it up a little more quickly, but that doesn't mean they're going to be super good. And no one is really good right away.

Do the kids have the patience to enjoy the golf?

Some don't, but a lot of them do. We have them work their way up through different levels before they can go on the course, learning to putt, chip, then drive. For the most part, they really enjoy it. Once where they get where they can hit pretty well, you can't stop them.

Do any adults play the courses?

Actually, it's mostly adults. It's designed so kids can play the course, but most of the members are older.

Is it too late to get signed up for summer First Tee lessons?

Not at all. Just call us.