John Huggins, Organizer of Local Meetup for Linchpins June 14

The word is that on June 14, thousands of people will be part of this unofficial official "Linchpin" worldwide meetup. Please explain!

Well, Seth Godin is a famous author, he writes marketing type stuff. His newest book is Linchpin, about building a market for yourself as an individual, becoming indispensable at your job. And it has this idea that everyone can be an artist in their work, and be defined by their passion for the job. It's not that philosophical—more an approach to how you do your work. The idea of this meeting is for each of us to meet at least one new person on June 14th, and have at least one conversation. It will be social networking, but we'll meet face to face. Like Facebook, only scarier.

Who will show up locally do you think?

Me and other people who have been following Seth's blog ( So far we have 11 people interested; that's pretty good for Knoxville. We seem to be mostly small business owners. More than 4,000 people in 700 cities have also signed up.

How'd you get involved?

His blog is how he got the word out, and we started a local meetup group online [at]. I love meetup groups, it's a great way to leave the house. I move around a lot, so with meetup I know I can always start a new friendship base no matter what my nerdy interest.

How come you move around so much?

I work as an ad copy writer, so whenever an agency shifts, my lifestyle changes. I've been here two years.

Will the group meet more than once?

I would like to. I'm hoping that's one of the things we'll discuss when we meet. But if we get there and have an awkward 10-minute discussion, we probably won't want to see each other again.

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