John Davis

Lead singer for Knoxville band Superdrag, which will be having a reunion tour in the fall

Street Talk

Your Wikipedia entry says that your second album with Elektra was deliberately radio unfriendly. Did you all try and make the album like that, or were you just making the music you wanted to make?

No, that's ridiculous. Why would we do that? There's a difference between making something â“deliberately radio unfriendlyâ” and having absolutely no regard for whether it sounds like Limp Bizkit or not. That was the biggest band in the country at the time. I just wrote the best batch of songs that I could, and we played and sung them the best we could. We decided very intentionally not to re-write our â“hitâ” 12 times and call that our second albumâ"we felt that would've been disrespectful towards our audience. And kinda boring, you know?

It's been a while since the original lineup for Superdrag played together. What convinced you all to get on stage again?

Offers have been coming in since we stopped touring four years ago, but I never felt the time was right, or the â“backdropâ” wouldn't be right, this and that. I always felt like if we did a â“reunionâ” it ought to be with the original members. I think it just dawned on me how much fun it would be to play the early Superdrag music with Don (Coffey, Jr.) and Tom (Pappas) and Brandon (Fisher) again. And it seemed like it might mean something to the people that have cared about it all along, and still do. I'd really like to be able to make them happy.

What've you been doing since Superdrag split up?

Well, I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. I thank God for them every day. I've been clean and sober for almost six years. I issued my first solo record in 2005, and I have a brand-new album coming out in August that I co-produced with Nick Raskulinecz at (his studio) 606. I do a lot of sideman work. I take as many session jobs as I can. I just try to do as much music as I can and make it count.

Superdrag has six shows this fall. Is there any venue you're most excited about playing?

The Metro (in Chicago) is a great hall to play in, Irving Plaza (in New York City) is great, you know, they're all pretty much my favorite places to play! It's a privilege to go in and do the work at those kinds of places.  

So, I have to know, who really did suck out the feeling?

I have no idea.



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