Jennie Cassie On Mystery Guests for WDVX fundraiser

WDVX development director and Nov. 4-13 Fall Fund Drive administrator

Do you do anything special to keep people from getting bored during your fund drive?

We don't have to; it's an exciting time. We schedule at least one party during those days, we have guest hosts, we put volunteers on the air. The DJ will break in for a short time to say what's going on, but we integrate it into regular announcements. And musicians stop by. Last fall Donna the Buffalo came in and performed, with members of the band moving through the studio. Bela Fleck, too.

Who will show up this year?

We never know. We try to schedule, but a lot of people, their relationship with DVX is so intimate they just stop by. Musicians are spontaneous.

How much do you need to raise?

It's $75,000 for this one; we have two annually. Individuals contribute over one-third of the total income for the station. That's the difference between a non-profit and a community-supported station. There's absolutely no way we'd be on the air without this support. We have online listeners who donate from all over the world, too—some of our most dedicated listeners are from Scotland, England, France, and even Australia.

Do you appear on stage?

I am behind the scenes, but during the fund drive I do go up and make introductions, and I get on the air sometimes. It's kind of like this is my show.

But do you sing?

Oh my god, on the way down the stairs. I do burst into song, but it's not pretty.

If you did perform, who would you like to appear with?

My friends Hoots and Hellmouth! I'd be jumping on their stomp board with them.

Do you have to wear boots to work for DVX?

No. I even have some hemp shoes. It takes all kinds here. I only wear boots about half the time.

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