Heather Nijoli Robinson, Female Winner, Stiletto Stampede for Breast Cancer Awareness

Doesn't it seem odd that you helped organize this race and you were first-place female finisher?

Not at all. I just thought running in heels would look hilarious, especially when considering who our friends were that would likely show—it was a benefit for our friend Brigid Oesterling, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I never considered the competitive part of it being something I could win.

The overall winner, Ken Chu? Why'd he leave town right after his win?

I wish I could say Ken was afraid of the last-place winner, Brigid's husband Jorge, who wore body armor and a crash helmet. The truth is, Ken is a friend who was visiting from London, England, for Big Ears and just came along for the ride.

How tall were your stilettos?

I wore a lovely pair of pink and black high-heeled sneakers from the '80s with a three-inch spike.

How did you train?

I have years of experience walking around tipsy in heels and have learned how to not to fall down even under the worst of circumstances. The day of the event, I ran around my kitchen a few times with Ken, which paid off for both of us.

Did you use your elbows or tripping to get ahead?

I didn't know that was allowed or I would have!

On a serious note, how did the fund-raising go?

As a community we raised close to $2,000 for Brigid's medical bills with this event. She still has a lot of expenses to cover that exceed this total, but what this taught us about depending on each other for our grassroots health-care movement was priceless. We helped her out and really came together. Our community truly rocks. Thanks, everyone!

To donate to Stiletto Stampede to benefit Brigid Oesterling, contact Kat Bike at 865-236-1749 or by e-mail katbike@gmail.com