Gordy Gilbertson, Winner Sweet P's BBQ Smokin' Day Fest Banana Pudding Eating Contest

How much pudding did you eat to win?

I don't know how much those containers held. I could have ate more. Two big containers each is what we got.

So it was a speed thing? How long did it take you?

Just under a minute.

How'd you train?

For this, I didn't train at all, but I train every day. I'm a big eater and I've got a reputation for it.

Did you have any competition?

Yeah, it was close with this one guy. He tried not using his spoon and using his fingers. I still felt confident I was going to win. I have my own little technique.

Care to share it?

I get that bowl right below my bottom lip, and just started shoveling it in with that spoon. It was almost a tie until I realized the guy had spilled a lot. He had to clean that up and I had a little bit on my belly and I had to clean that up and I won.

Was it the kind with vanilla wafers in it?

I think there were wafers in it—I didn't spend a whole lot of time chewing.

When it's not a contest, do you like banana pudding smooth?

I like chunks of banana in it.

What did you do with your $25 winnings?

I think I bought some beer. And I had to give Jeff Barbra back $5. Our band, the 3 Uncles, was playing the festival and he paid to enter me in the competition.

You didn't know you were competing?

No, I didn't.

How do banana pudding and PBR go together?

I would rather have milk.