Gail Needham, Knoxville Author of the Newly Published Novel Double Whammy

Why's such a gentle person writing about satanic murders?

This is not at all the type of book I would read. It comes from my 30 years in the criminal court system as a court reporter. I am the one who sat through the Christa Pike case. But this book is fiction—98 percent imagination.

How'd you imagine the killer's thoughts?

I've read the expert reports in all the cases that had experts testifying. And I have the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. People ask how I came up with the name for the main character, Ida Mae Potts—I have no earthly idea. They've really latched on to that name.

And this is an e-book?

It just recently became an e-book, available on Amazon. I put it on my own Kindle, just to make sure it works. They're going to start selling the print version at airports soon.

It's in print, too? How'd you find a publisher?

I did not look for a publisher, I'm not a very good game player. I knew all along I was going to publish it. It has some warts because I did it all, even the design of the cover. I guess I broke a lot of rules, but that's what makes it very different. And also that it's told through the voices of street teenagers.

Where did you find that dialogue?

Just court. I've heard it all many, many times. Some of the language is strong stuff. My mother had to give me permission to write this book the way it needed to be written.

Did you ever type the story as quickly as you used to type for court?

Maybe sometimes.

How long did it take to write?

Ten years.

Double Whammy by G.S. Needham is available locally at Carpe Librum, and online at Amazon and Borders.