Dr. Bill Snyder

House organist, Tennessee Theatre

So, fishnet stockings. What was the occasion?

The Tennessee had The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Oct. 18. It was my birthday, too, and I've never had a birthday quite like it, with 1,300 in attendance.

Are you a Rocky Horror fan?

I would not say that. I saw it one time 15 years ago with one of my daughters. No, longer than that—30 years ago.

What gave you the idea to dress up?

The theater booked the movie, and knowing that one of the leading men was a transvestite, I decided to become Williamina—pronounced "Will-a-mean-a"—Snyder. She debuted that night at the Mighty Wurlitzer. The costume included an enhanced bosom, or breast—whichever is appropriate for Metro Pulse readers—and a black wig, dangling earrings. My beard was colored black with spray. Oh, and I wore a body stocking. A friend sent me an e-mail: "You have a beautiful back. I'm jealous."

Does Williamina sing along in a higher voice than Bill?

She has to focus on keeping her hands and feet movements coordinated, so she doesn't sing at all. Bill Snyder never gets off the bench, his back is always to the audience, but Williamina stood up and faced them to take a bow, because she wanted to show off the police badges at the top of her fishnet stockings.

Where'd Williamina get such great legs—did she have a previous career as a chorus girl?

I got several comments about those legs. We have three daughters, and growing up they would tell me I had cheerleader legs.

You do have cheerleader legs.

But I was never a cheerleader. It must be in the gene pool somewhere.

Will Williamina ever play again?

Yes, we're gonna do it once a year.

Will you divulge which birthday it was?

I turned 77.