Davis Mitchell

Street Talk

Lead singer of Dishwater Blonde, comments on the bandâ’s â“Best Ofâ” Awards

DWB won Best Rock Band and Best of the Best Band overall in MP's 2007 â“Best Ofâ” competition. How does it feel?

Feels like I got a Knoxville Grammy.

You've got six band members. Who gets to keep the plaques?

We'll probably put it in Robbie's house. Everything goes in Robbie's house. It's the biggest.

Some people like your music because it's funky, and some like the Christian values-based message. Do you think non-believers also voted for you, or is this a case of preaching to the choir?

I think we have a variety of fans across the board, from believers to non-believers to atheists to agnostics. For whatever reason fans love the music, we appreciate it. If you like dancing or the message or whateverâ"just thanks for voting.

Did you vote in MP's â“Best Ofâ”?

Um, yes I did.

Who did you vote for for Best Band and Best Rock Band?

I believe I voted for us for both awards.

If you hadn't voted for yourself, whom would you have voted for?

Probably Down From Up for rock band. RobinElla for overall best.

What do you have to say to haters who suspect divine intervention with the ballot counting?

It's true. We've got God on our side. He likes funky music.

What advice do you have for all the loser bands?

Keep on pushing. Stay together. Get more fans.


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