David E. Booker Just Wants to Promote Good Writing

He's creator and webmaster Tall Tales to Go website

Why'd you start the website?

To promote some good writing. The website's not just my writing. While I have an ego, it's not that big. I also have work there from John Leeper, for example, who now does title work for oil companies but has been the editor of a couple of small national magazines. And part of creating the site was so I could learn about HTML—that helps me with my day job as a technical writer.

What's your favorite work on the site?

Of mine? Probably the novelette with the nicest, succinct title, "Can Aliens be Angels?" or the "Search for Armageddon in Ol' Man Kelsey's Woods." It was written before a lot of these survivalists made the news in recent years. I can't say I'm psychic, but...

What's this "fan fiction" on the site, with plots involving Kathy Griffin and Brad Renfro and the like?

It's sort of a writer's equivalent of fantasy football, "If I wrote this screenplay, this is who I would want to start in it." John actually knew Brad Renfro, though they weren't close friends by any means. After Brad died, we were getting upwards of 400 hits a month. Now it's back towards 200 a month. I need to get some new material.

Do you have any?

I'm working on a novel set in Knoxville, based on The Twilight Zone. The main character is a 57-year-old Hollywood director whose life is on the skids. There's his 55-year-old ex-wife who lives in Knoxville, 22-year-old daughter, a 24-year-old evangelical preacher who has a stutter problem and I bring back from the dead Rod Serling himself. The first four chapters are up on the website. I had several agents and editors tell me they usually advise a first-time novelist to stay away from autobiography, "but you went pretty far the other way."

So you're not the main character?

No, I'm not. My life is normal—as normal as a struggling writer's life can be.