Daniel Maw, featured Metro Pulse Triage artist beginning Dec. 17 issue

Where did you go to high school?

I am from a small town in southeast Iowa on the banks of the Mississippi called Muscatine. I attended the only high school in the district, aptly named Muscatine High School—notable for its high pregnancy rates and methamphetamine production (fortunately I narrowly avoided both statistics).

Were you a major doodler?

Minor doodler.

Did it get you into trouble in class?

I generally steered clear of trouble—when I was rebuked by teachers it was likely because I got a little cavalier in my attempts to court the fairer maidens at MHS.

You've said the comics are autobiographical, what about the settings? Is that us in the background?

The settings are places I have been and people I have known. They represent you in an indirect sort of way.

How're your toy and general design sales going?

Slow. I have a tendency to invest more energy into the design and production of art—by the time it is created I've moved on.

Where can patrons buy your stuff?

Friend, I am glad you asked. On my website, danielmaw.com. Everything is for sale! Send me an e-mail and I can give you a price if one is not listed!

What piece that's running in MP do you like the best?

In a close race, I choose the piece that will run the third week. Perhaps I should have suggested the final one in the installment to keep people's attention... I guess I just like to draw televisions.

Do you have any currently-being-published comic idols?

George Herriman, Andre Franquin, Chris Ware, and many others.

Does having red hair inform your work? Or your temper?

They are not mutually exclusive.

For more information: danielmaw.com