Craig Branum, Metro Pulse Triage artist

What medium are you using?

I use felt-tip pens and coloring pencils on Rives BFK paper.

Have you ever seen Louis Wayne's art?

No, but you are the fourth person in a month to ask me about him.

Would you see a similarity in his art of the world seen through schizophrenia and your bizarre monsters?

I can see that they are similar in the use of pattern and abstraction. Yeah, maybe I'm losing it? I have a cat I'm obsessed with. Have you ever heard of the link between schizophrenia and toxoplasmosis? There is an interesting Radiolab about it. Creepy stuff. Seems to explain why crazy cat ladies exist.

The art I've seen of yours couldn't normally be printed in a freely distributed paper, so what did you concentrate on in order to focus away from the more, shall we say, mature aspects of your artwork (i.e. penises)?

I have decided to sell out completely so that I can quit my day job. In my new work I try and be more subtle with the more perverse aspects of my art. I think it is more interesting if it isn't right in your face but you still feel like something is wrong. I may try and sneak something past you and your readers, however, like the Little Mermaid Castles.

Is "Dai Makaimura" inspired by anything in particular?

Classic video games, stoner metal, and PBR.

Why in the world are you drawings these fearsome monsters?

I found a box of drawings I made as child and these are based on those. I had become really burnt out with the work I was making and have been trying to get back to where I enjoyed the process again. These are a lot of fun to make. Picasso got it right.