Colette Boudreaux: Soprano Performer for Kirabo Foundation Benefit

The Kirabo Foundation helps educate orphans in Uganda. How'd you learn about them?

Through my grandfather's workplace, MK Technologies. His boss, Mike Carroll, is involved in the foundation.

You're from here, but is it unusual for you to perform in Knoxville these days?

Yes, it is. I've been primarily been performing in Asheville.


Yes, with the Asheville Lyric Opera, just not recently. Recently I've been doing a lot of concerts.

What kind of songs will you sing here?

All jazz, which is another true love of mine. My husband Scott Joiner sings and plays piano and he and I have been collaborating on jazz since we met two years ago.

Any favorite song you'll sing?

Let's see. Probably "I Got Rhythm" by George Gershwin. We have our own arrangement of that and it was really fun to put together.

Does it make you more nervous to be on stage with your husband?

Much less nervous. I really trust his musical instincts.

How does the concert site, the Tennessee Theatre, compare to other places you've sung nationally?

I would say the only place that compares to it is Carnegie Hall.

You've sung at Carnegie Hall?



I was with Opera Orchestra New York, singing a role in the opera L'arlesiana

Have you seen the Uganda orphans enough to feel connected?

I've only seen photos on the website, but I certainly feel connected to them in terms of education, because education has been a big part of my life. This is a way for them to survive an impoverished environment. I'll do whatever I can to help.