Catherine Norris, Gracie Corapi, Winners, Best Student Director, "Definition," Knoxville 24-Hour Film Festival

How much time does 24 hours feel like to produce a 4-minute film?

Catherine: Not enough time.

Gracie: At the moment we turned it in, I felt like we'd started maybe an hour before. It was over so quickly.

Did you sleep at all?

Catherine: We managed to squeeze in a three-hour nap in the wee hours of the morn.

How do you know each other or did the contest bring you together?

Catherine: We've been friends since kindergarten and we have the same taste in movies. We're both interested in going into the film industry, so we thought we'd give it a go.

Gracie, did your dad, Tony Corapi, who did lighting work on Fargo and The Shawshank Redemption and does local videography, try to take over?

Gracie: No, he kind of had to sit on his hands and watch me butcher the sound and camera work. He did help us by finding a computer cord and eating the snacks set out for the crew.

What inspired your film idea?

Gracie: The movie is actually about people trying to make a movie. We sort of mirrored the "who-cares-we're-going-to-fail-let's-go-for-it-anyway" mentality that we took while making it.

Who wrote it and how long did that part take?

Gracie: We both wrote it together, but I typed it, so I like to claim credit. It took maybe the first two hours of the night.

Did you get any "offers" at the awards ceremony?

Catherine: We actually had to leave the ceremony early because it was a school night and we had homework, so we didn't get to talk to anyone.

What's your favorite four minutes of someone else's movie?

Catherine: I like the last couple minutes of Inception.

Gracie: I love the final moments of The Breakfast Club, but take any random four minutes from a Lord of the Rings movie and I'm there!