Carrie King, inventor, 
patented solar port-a-potty light

What place you've been in the past couple years would have benefited most from one of your Firefly lights?

Every port-a-potty I've visited at night. Each and every one, honestly.

Has it been hard for guys to "get" the concept?

Not really, but it can take some additional explaining for the men. It's really not as big of a deal to them. But for ladies, we want to see what we're doing and touching in there—other women get it immediately. Sometimes you have to remind guys of the scariness involved with a dark port-a-potty. Girls "go" differently.

Have you had any funny experiences in the marketing?

Many. We've been to the world's largest port-a-potty trade show. Last Tuesday, I did an interview with American Liquid Waste Magazine—that's kind of funny.

Is it awkward to present a product that, face it, is mostly about toilets?

Not "awkward" necessarily, but yeah, initially a little weird. Being comfortable with the industry took a little getting used to.

Your day job is as a jewelry marketer. Has that helped, or is that experience irrelevant?

With marketing, you learn a customer's needs and speak to them, so in that sense sure it's helped to have a marketing background. But this is definitely a whole different ball game than gemstones.

How long did it take you to develop?

More than two years, and I have to say developing a product from scratch is much more involved than I thought. Lots of testing, tweaking, going back to the drawing board, etc.

How can the rest of us help you bring this to market?

We're a start-up, and it's expensive to develop a new product. We just launched a Kickstarter project to help us raise funds for building our inventory. You can visit and donate at And if you really want to help us, anytime you're renting a port-a-potty, ask for a light. The ladies will thank you!