Battle Ready Betty (Paradise Kirkland), Blocker, Hard Knox Roller Girls

So Hard Knox is going to regionals this year?

Yes, this is our first time making it, we're #9 and the top 10 of 19 go to regionals. We've been playing since 2006—started with a core group of about 20.

Are you doing anything differently now?

Oh yes, our new coach [Hank "The Diddler" Delgado] is 100 percent to credit for getting everything organized, keeping us focused on strategies and working together. We're practicing more now, too—longer hours, offering four practices a week, and you have to make two.

Did that Drew Barrymore movie make a difference?

Oh yeah. Whip It. It just increased the derby word. We did the release party last September, and from that alone our newbies increased by 50 percent; we have 20-25 new skaters, and some of them may even be making it up to the All Stars soon—that's our traveling, competitive team.

Drew Barrymore's 35, would she be too old for derby?

No, never, there is no age limit, size limit, nothing. Just gotta be 18, willing to get on skates. Insurance is a good thing also. One of the best players we played against, she's 54 and another team's star jammer.

Have any favorite fans?

The Derby Dawgs! They independently started a fan club and they're at every bout, painted up and yelling and screaming. Not to mention my personal favorite fan, my son. He's 9 and his name is Kyler. He holds a sign that says, "My mom can kick your mom's butt."

Your fund-raiser on July 31—what's the money go to, white make-up?

Fishnet repairs... just kidding. We're all non-profit, so the money helps host bouts, advertise, print posters. It's a Yard Sale and Beat-A-Car; we'll actually have a car to demolish.

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