Ashton Doane organizer, Stiletto Strut for Ovarian Cancer Research

Where'd you get the idea?

I heard about it in Kentucky on the radio. That event was for some other cause, but I always wanted to do a fund-raiser to raise money for gynecological cancer research, to honor my grandmother Mittie Gouge who had ovarian cancer and passed away before I was born—I never had the opportunity to meet her. Our proceeds will go to the Gynecologic Oncology Group, which focuses its research on pelvic malignancies.

What's been the reaction?

A lot are excited, but some say, "A stiletto race? Really?"

Is it dangerous?

It's not really that long of a race, only a third of a mile. Runners are required to wear stilettos at least 2.5 inches tall, and they must finish with at least one heel intact to qualify for a prize. Some are a little worried about a heel breaking.

Are the prizes good?

Oh, yes. First gets a Stiletto Strut trophy and sterling silver bracelet with a silver charm, along with some other prizes like a spa package and new tennis shoes from New Balance and desserts from Regas. We're awarding some pedicures, too—got to take care of those feet!

Do you know anyone who's really good at this event?

Not exactly. I do pageants and things like that, so I can run in heels.

Will you run?

I'll be watching and timing, or I would have. It seems like a lot of fun. We'll be at the Tennessee Valley Fairgrounds [where Doane was Fairest of the Fair in 2006], so a lot of people can watch.

How many have entered?

Fifteen so far, but you can register at 10 a.m. the day of the race, which is at 11.

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