Ashley Kite-Rowland, co-organizer Feminists Unite!

Why is the Feminist Action Collective asking feminists to unite now?

Feminists across generations are disconnected from one another, and we could be much more effective in unity. The U.S. is full of inequality, social injustice, and polarizing rhetoric. It is time for feminists to join in action and work towards radical social change that brings about equality and justice for all people, and not just around election cycles—we need ongoing action.

What does "feminist" even mean these days?

To me, being a feminist simply means being against oppression in all its forms. It is not just about women—gender inequality is one part of an overarching system of oppression that is played out on multiple terrains.

What will you do at the gathering?

Have lots of fun and plan for social action within our community! We will also reunionize with one another (which of course means food and drink), listen to music by Jeff Christmas (of Hudson K and the New Vernaculars), and hear a fellow feminist speaker, Jessie Wilkerson, who is part of the Southern Oral History Program at UNC. Jessie's presentation is part of the FAC's goal of bridging the generational gap between feminists.

Bra burning, or no bra burning?

I didn't think feminists wore bras!

Will any men be in attendance?

Most definitely. We do not discriminate based upon gender or anatomical differences. Feminists of all varieties are welcome. The FAC does not believe that the word "feminist" is exclusive to women.

Can you talk a little about longer-term goals?

As part of our work that began last April during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the FAC is working towards a class at UT called Sex and Violence. It's been approved for this spring, but we hope it can be offered on an ongoing basis. And we are beginning to advocate change in state policies regarding domestic partner benefits—the FAC is committed to equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

Feminists Unite! will meet Friday, Nov. 5 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria backroom.