Alex Minge: 2008 Mayfield Contest Winner

Alex Minge won the ice cream competition with his first-ever foray into ice-cream making.

Mayfield Dairy recently started producing your "MOO-ionaire's Java" recipe, but it's not an arrangement where you get a percentage from the sales?

No, it's more about the pride of winning. It was just fun to do.

Did you mostly suggest ingredients they could combine?

We had to submit the entire ice cream recipe. I had never really made ice cream, but I went out and bought an ice cream maker, and came up with a bunch of ingredients in my head.

You're saying the first time you made homemade ice cream you won $500 in a contest?

Uh, yes.

What'd you do with the money?

I have no idea.

Are you allowed to win again?

I don't think there's any sort of restriction. I'm taking this year off, but I have good ideas for the future.

Did you get to meet Scottie Mayfield?

When I won, Scottie talked to me, and we've been communicating back and forth since then about the ingredients going into their version. They have to use some products that they're already licensed to use, but they've tried to replicate my recipe as closely as possible.

For example?

The one I invented, I used espresso instead of just coffee flavor. And I actually roasted hazelnuts and put them in. But that would be a very costly process for them, so they're using little truffles full of caramel or hazelnuts, instead. It still tastes great.

Do you get free MOO-ionaire's Java?

They sent me a few cartons when it started. I'm an investment advisor for GreenBank, and I bought some as sort of a celebration for each of the seven branches I work for. And I'm having cookouts that customers can come to at each branch, with samples of MOO-ionaire's Java.

Where will you get the ice cream?

At the supermarket.