Aaron Fenner

Local sound technician and musician

Street Talk

How long have you been a part of the Knoxville music scene? What did you do before?

I moved here in 1998 after my apprenticeship under a violin maker. Right away I was getting kicked off the sidewalk for pan-handling, having the cops called on me for experimenting with subwoofers at 3 a.m., and throwing house parties.

Would you rather be on stage or behind the scenes?

Why aren't we talking about my killer abs? OK, look, being behind the scenes will always be work, but people pay me to listen to music, and after that sack of crap on the â“oh, babyâ” tour gets flushed by his record label, goes blind from the rabies he picked up on the tour bus, and finds out he can't repay the loan on his vintage guitars, I'll still be able to get a date.

You do sound for several styles of music. Do you ever have to work for bands you can't stand?

Nope. Never. Can't think of one.

Where is your career ultimately headed? Is that the destination you always had in mind?

People will always want to experience music to the fullest. They may leave a concert in awe, but you have to continually up the ante to keep the fans excited, which means staying ahead of the curve in video, audio, lighting, as well as popcorn technology. I guess I never really thought about the popcorn until now.

Your life is surrounded in sound. Do you sometimes seek out silence?

What kind of question is that? Do you ask eighth-graders what their favorite subjects are in school too? The truth is, sometimes the ringing in my ears is so bad after a loud show I'll drive down Kingston Pike at 70 mph with my head out the window, high-speed-head-butting mail boxes. â" Greg Wilkerson



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