Street Food, Street Violence

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

We often hear complaints about the dearth of late-night food options in downtown Knoxville. This discontent sometimes triggers threats of moving to Nashville, but never threats against local businesses.

In recent history, the hot dog stand at the corner of Central and Jackson Avenues in the Old City has appeased bar hoppers and concertgoers with its delicious combinations of fats and salts. But this sidewalk spot in front of Urban Bar has always left "Dale the Hot Dog Vendor" rather exposed.

One night last week, according to a Knoxville Police report, a pedestrian snatched the vendor's metal folding chair out from under him. The gentleman then threw the item into the hot dog cart.

If you've ever noticed the dense police presence at night in the Old City, then you've already guessed that the agitator was promptly arrested. No hot dogs were reported injured.