Spike-Strip Thy Neighbor's Driveway

Many of us have experienced disputes between neighbors, which are as old and reoccurring as neighbors themselves. However, when people lack certain communication skills and have too much time on their hands, these disputes can escalate into war. This is exactly what occurred the evening of Sept. 14 when police responded to a call on Alma Avenue.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, the victim—who parked in what she claimed to be a shared driveway—looked out of her home's window to find her 73-year-old neighbor shouting racial slurs and surrounding her car with roofing nails. The victim snapped off a few photographs as evidence of the man's attempt at sabotage, then notified him that she was calling the police.

Before police arrived, the man gathered up some of the nails surrounding the car, but was not entirely successful. And when police did arrive, the errant nail-layer claimed he has paperwork that can prove he is the rightful owner to the driveway.

Police made no arrests and advised the quarreling neighbors to discover the truth as to who owned this precious patch of pavement by speaking with a higher authority: the Register of Deeds.