South Knox Riverwalk Set to Open

Most of the ballyhooed-but-belayed South Knoxville waterfront development may have to await another mayor, but Bill Haslam will get to cut the ribbon on at least a symbolic, scenic section of it before he heads to Nashville. At 11:30 a.m. Friday, behind the Cityview Condominiums at 445 W. Blount Ave., Haslam will officially open the Cityview Riverwalk.

Although the Riverwalk is just 600 feet long, it's the first section of a planned three-mile public trail along the river, paid for through tax incentives for the 124-unit condo project. The initial stretch includes an upper level and a sloped lower level leading to the Cityview marina. There is also an observation deck and "a large stepped seating area for waterfront events."