So Where's the Santa Maria?

So Where's the Santa Maria?

Reproductions of the Nina and the Pinta docked at the Calhoun's on Neyland Drive Nov. 4 and will stick around for tours until Nov. 18. A historically-correct replica owned by the Columbus Foundation out of the British Virgin Islands, the Nina is the main attraction; the Pinta was only recently built in Brazil as a traveling companion. More about both Ninas:

• The replica, built with techniques dating back to the 15th century, has a 65' deck, 18' beam, 7' draft and tonnage of 75, with 1919 square feet of sail area. She took her first trip in 1991, and the "sailing museum" has since visited more than 425 U.S. ports.

• Beginning in 1492, Columbus sailed the original Nina more than 25,000 miles; beginning with a crew of 27 who slept on the always-awash deck and cooked in a fire box (most of the space was devoted to livestock suspended in slings and provisions.)

• The contemporary Nina's seven-person crew works six 10-hour days per week; they have World War II-style berths, a 1,000-lb. ice box, and a propane stove for cooking.

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