Slippery Vengeance

We are conditioned from childhood to obey the rules: don't tun with scissors, always wear a helmet, and look both ways when crossing the street. Hence, after years of threats of serious injury, those bright yellow "wet floor" signs will still stop even the most rushed individuals dead in their tracks. But what happens if a soaked floor is left unmarked? As mom predicted, complete chaos.

According to a Knoxville Police report, a man's routine visit to a local hospital initiated a chain of frenzied events when he slipped on a wet section of the floor. The absence of a "wet floor" sign marking the patch he stumbled over apparently sparked his wrath. So, he went on a rampage—with a bundle of industrial-sized toilet paper.

Grabbing his fluffy weapons off a nearby maintenance cart, the man proceeded to pelt surrounding workers with TP while screaming and cursing about the injustice that had occurred. However, the staff did not take to kindly to the man's vociferous complaints and called the police.

Thankfully, the perpetrator was taken into custody before he could seize any towels or urinal cakes as his next weapons of choice.