Sherry Johnston Loses Big

The secret's out! Episode 9 of Season 9 of The Biggest Loser aired March 16 and showed Knoxville's own Sherry Johnston, 51, being voted off. Air time lags behind the show's production, so Johnston has actually been here in Knoxville the past two months whittling her weight further. The episode's "Where Are They Now?" segment showed an ever-dwindling Johnston, family, and friends paddling at Lake Loudon. Ten contestants remain on the show, including the other half of Johnston's pink team "couple," daughter Ashley Johnston. Here are some of Sherry's weight loss stats:

Weight at the start of The Biggest Loser: 218

Pounds lost before first episode aired: 17 or 8% total weight

Pounds lost during nine episodes on air: 55 or 25% total weight

Weight two months after being voted off show: 138 pounds

Weight lost so far: 80 pounds, or 37 percent total weight

Sherry's goal: to be a size 5 and the same weight she was on her wedding day 30 years ago in time for The Biggest Loser finale in May