A Serious National Debate in Microcosm

In which two people argue about abortion, and one of them starts a fire. The Knoxville Police and Fire Departments responded to an alert of a burning car in the parking lot of a South Knoxville apartment complex on Monday, May 11. Upon arrival, officers located a woman who said she was in an argument with her present child's father about whether or not they should abort the new child she is expecting.

Worth noting here, not by any way of commentary, is that she claimed she doesn't even know his real name. To her, he is simply "Moot Moot." Okay, moving on.

She told police she poured bleach on Moot Moot because he wouldn't get out of her car and then he said he was going to set it on fire. The woman said she proceeded to tell him to set the car on fire and see what happens. What happened was he set the car on fire, and she chased him through the complex.

Moot Moot was not located, and the woman said she would take care of the situation herself, a statement that does not bode well.

Bailey Swilley contributed to this report.