Separate, Not Equal, UT Tuitions For Nursing, Business, and Engineering Students?

Under a plan proposed by Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek, three University of Tennessee colleges—business, engineering, and nursing—could start charging extra tuition per credit hour starting with fall semester 2010, as an alternative to limiting enrollment. The Board of Trustees could approve this proposal in February:

• The College of Nursing would charge juniors and seniors an extra $90 per credit hour for their final two years—an extra $5,490 over two years that would bring total tuition to $9,550 for juniors and $9,640 for seniors.

• The College of Nursing anticipates net revenue from the differential tuition to be $548,640 per year. The money would be used to hire faculty and upgrade technology.

• The College of Business Administration would charge all undergraduates taking business courses an extra $50 per credit hour—adding around $700 sophomore year and $1,200 junior and senior years for students taking a typical full load. The projected $4.5 million from this differential tuition would be used for hiring, technology, and other educational enrichment.

• The College of Engineering already charges an extra $25 per credit hour on the first eight hours of coursework. The new proposal would add $20 per credit hour for all engineering courses—about $680 per year, or $2,700 for a student completing a four-year degree.

• The proposed engineering differential tuition would raise an estimated $2 million a year.