Santa Wannabe Finds Chimney a Little Too Snug

For some reason, trespassing in chimneys seems to have developed a positive connotation in popular culture. There's the beloved Mary Poppins anthem "Chim Chim Cheree," which glorifies the life of a chimney sweep, and then of course there's jolly old Saint Nicholas. But while Santa may have free rein when it comes to chimneys, real-world chimney loitering has more serious repercussions—such as a call to the police.

On Friday, Aug. 13, a Knoxville woman awoke to screams for help emanating from... outside? That's where she checked first, and found an unfamiliar vehicle in her driveway—sans passengers. Inside her home? Well, sort of. The screams were coming from a man who had gotten stuck in her chimney. This, apparently, was not okay with the homeowner, as she immediately called for police assistance.

The Knoxville Fire Department succeeded in removing the man from the chimney, according to KPD reports. When questioned by police, the Saint Nick wannabe responded that he did not intend to hurt anyone by mounting the chimney—and explained that he thought he was going crazy. He was also, as you may have guessed, intoxicated. The man was transported by police to a local hospital for medical treatment.