‘Rocky Top' and Smokey in the Top 50!

Finally, a football ranking where the Vols indisputably excel: traditions! The Vols occupied three slots—that's 6 percent total—in Bleacher Report's "50 Greatest College Football Traditions," released Oct. 13.

Smokey the live hound mascot came in at 49 and the Vol Navy at 43.

"Rocky Top" made the chart way up at 16, because "Vols love it, and opposing fans hate it—the perfect school song."

Only two schools had more mentions, Notre Dame with four (one for the lame-o painting of helmets with real gold flakes), and University of Texas with three, plus a half as part of the Cotton Bowl rivalry.

Number one: Ohio State's "Script Ohio" marching band tradition, sometimes with a celeb to stand as the dot on the "i."

Number 50, which should have been ranked much higher, has a tangential UT connection. It cites the Ole Miss adoption of a legally-enforced 18 mph speed limit on campus in honor of legendary quarterback Archie Manning. Would we be copy cats to make the UT speed limit 16 mph?