The Road Warrior Who Mowed His Lawn

We all make mistakes, right? Even when driving along on the interstate. If we're lucky, our driving error causes no damage, and a friendly wave assuages any ill-will from nearby motorists. If we're unlucky, then here's what might happen.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, a Knoxville man was not appeased by an apologetic wave after getting cut off on Sept. 4. According to the victim (who did the cutting-off), the suspect flipped him off before pursuing him down the interstate. The victim, fearing the suspect would follow him home, took a nearby exit and pulled into the parking lot of a Red Lobster.

The suspect followed him into the lot and attempted to block him in with his truck. Then he approached the victim's vehicle and demanded a fight—kicking a substantial dent into the victim's car door.

Soon after, the hunter became the hunted.

As the suspect jumped into his truck and sped off, the victim called police and then followed the suspect to a nearby house where he witnessed him hurriedly jump out of his truck, run inside the house, and then—donning a new pair of shoes—commence to mow his yard. When the police arrived, an officer searched the house's bathroom and found the evidence: a pair of boots.

The suspect finally admitted to the crime, and the victim agreed not to press charges as long as the suspect paid to fix the dent in the victim's car. And thus ended a very long and complicated drive home.