Revenge By Seasoning

Although salt is often accused of being an addictive—and even deadly—ingredient in the typical American diet, the savory compound is perfectly legal in any amount. Unless it's used as a weapon.

Last week, the Knoxville Police Department received a call reporting a potential poisoning. When officers arrived at the caller's residence, she told them that she believed someone was attempting to poison her with a substance placed in her salt container. As officers pressed her for more information, the victim explained that every time she used the salt to cook, she experienced a sudden wave of headaches and felt sick to her stomach. Although she had no solid proof of the poisoning-by-salt scenario, she said she believed she knew the responsible individual, with whom she had experienced a recent dispute over rent.

After leaving the residence, the KPD narcotics unit tested the salt for foreign chemicals. Result: Besides the expected sodium chloride, they found Ecstasy and methamphetamine. Which goes to show: You're not paranoid about salt if you're right.