A Real Blow to Team Morale

Whether you're a military leader or children's tee-ball coach, it's tricky to get some people motivated. Tactics that spur some to give extra effort may not work on others. And even some classic, fail-proof methods may just get you punched in the face.

According to a Knoxville Police report, two teammates were jogging together at a local high school's rugby practice last Tuesday when a fellow teammate came up behind them. Attempting to inspire some enthusiasm in his compatriots, he put his hands on their shoulders and said, "Come on guys, let's go, we got to hustle."

One of the teammates took offense to this uninvited advice and responded by saying, "Get off me." He then turned around and punched the would-be motivator in the face.

Although the assailant told authorities the punch was intended to be in jest and that he had simply misjudged the distance, the force of it sent his teammate spinning to the ground with a mild concussion. Adding to the injury, the victim's cleats lodged into the field's turf during his fall, which caused his left ankle to fracture.

Updated: The victim's mother reports that the assailant did NOT assist the victim to the hospital, as the police report indicated..