Public Meeting to Discuss Events Programming on Market Square

Market Square is the beating heart of downtown Knoxville life. But, to extend that tried and true (or is it just tired?) metaphor, is the Square suffering from some kind of arrhythmia? Certainly, not many people are complaining about its usage as an outdoor concert venue, nor, of course, its intended purpose: a farmer's market. But, some days it seems to be, basically, a glorified parking lot, and, on rare occasions, the city has bungled and double-booked some corporate function on a market day. No big deal, or is it the outrage of outrages? City leaders have extended an invitation for citizens to discuss policies for events programming on Market Square.

Monday, April 6, at 5:30 p.m., at the Market House in the Knoxville Chamber Building, 17 Market Square

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