The Price of Fashion

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

Even though certain "totally phat" '90s fashions are making a comeback, the backwards ballcap has been permanently placed in the vault of retired trends at one Old City nightclub.

As stated in a Knoxville Police report, the recipient of this fashion reprimand was dancing into the early hours of the morning last Sunday when one of the club's bouncers approached him about wearing his hat backwards—which is apparently against the venue's dress code. The victim states that he was wearing the hat backwards to avoid injuring the girl he was dancing with, but that he quickly followed the man's orders and turned it forwards.

Shortly after the bouncer left the scene, he turned the hat back around—which caused the bouncer to grab him and order him off the premises. The victim claims that he was so shocked by the man's actions that he tensed up when seized, leading the man to place him in a choke-hold. He then struck the bouncer, who quickly tackled him to the floor and hit him several times. KPD reports the victim had multiple bruises and swelling on his face.

So next time you're uncertain about wearing that ballin' acid-wash jacket to the club, you might want to consult their dress code first.